• Louisiana Passes New “Strict Scrutiny” Gun Law

    by  • November 7, 2012 • Gun News • 7 Comments

    The new “Strict Scrutiny” ballet measure, which easily passed on November 6th, will send a clear message to other states which have more restrictive gun laws. Louisiana now has the strongest gun laws in the nation and perhaps in the future, other states will pass similar laws.

    The new law makes owning and possessing firearms a fundamental right in Louisiana and makes it very difficult for the government to take a gun away from an individual. It prevents the state legislature from passing prohibitive conceal carry laws and requires that all gun laws be held to a strict judicial standard.

    The Strict Scrutiny law, now part of the state constitution, goes a long way to ensure judges can not undermine gun rights and requires them to ensure that state gun laws demonstrate a “compelling governmental interest” and must be “narrowly defined”. If the law does not meet that standard, it must be thrown out and deemed unconstitutional. Dozens of restrictive gun laws may now be challenged because of this.

    The new law makes it more difficult for the state to regulate where people can and cannot carry concealed weapons, including public buildings and college campuses which was the basis of the argument for those who opposed this new law. Despite the opposition, the Strict Scrutiny law passed with an overwhelming 74% of the vote.

    A clear message indeed.

     November 7th 2012 – GunDetail


    7 Responses to Louisiana Passes New “Strict Scrutiny” Gun Law

    1. Nan
      January 12, 2013 at 10:35 pm

      Its ballot not ballet.

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